Why Choose Us?

Dalli’s Dalle are locally grown in organic farms in small batches that are easy to tend to. Each plant receives the optimum care and attention to produce some of the region’s most flavourful and healthy ‘Dalles’.

They are then packed into bottles in various mixes, customized for every palate and that is what’s so special about the ‘Dallis Dalle’, it’s not just hot, it’s also a riot of flavours and aroma that adds oomph to the heat in these blazing red balls. Guaranteed to keep you coming back for more!

Dalles have a distinct flavour, with a hint of sweetness that slowly heats up, tingles your taste buds and sets it on fire. The heat gradually fades away leaving you wanting for another bite!

Dalli’s believes in and stands for clean and fair product quality standards. We take utmost care in ensuring an optimum and nourishing environment for both our product as well as for the people working behind it. 

Mohanish Lama

About Us

Dalli’s a unit of Darjeeling Enterprises, is a bottle of love that sprung from an idea by a mother and daughter-in-law duo. There, we break a stereotype in our opening line! This team of two wonderful women, started small, first sampling the tastes from home grown dalles in kitchen gardens, adding a spice here and an ingredient there incorporating the traditional Newari Achar mixes that has remained in the family for generations.

Dalli’s dalle, bamboo shoot and radish are locally grown ,in organic farms run mostly by an all woman team.Its locally sourced and produced by the local woman of our society sowing the seeds of sustainability and empowerment in our small hill region. Dalli’s is a family owned ,community sustaining local produce. Dalli’s believes in a holistic system designed to optimise the productivity and fitness of diverse communities within the agro-ecosystem, including soil organisms, plants, livestock and people. Our principle goal is to develop enterprises that are sustainable and harmonious with the environment.

A bottle of Dalli’s packs the same fire and feistiness as seen in the team of woman working behind it. We’ve pickled our heirloom and passed it on, hope you’ll pass it around your tables as well !


21/1 Uday Chand Road, Bara Kak Jhora

Darjeeling 734101